Sometimes, eating gluten-free is hard!
Meet Gideon, the newest kid on the gluten-free block, and his story...

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   Gideon is a boy who is fed up with eating gluten-free.   He wants to eat the regular foods his friends get.   he's tired of eating safe  foods.
But after talking with mom, and playing a special game about treats he can  eat, Gideon feels better.   he realizes that eating differently can’t keep him down!

Praise for The Gluten Glitch

"Many food-allergic children will be able to relate to Gideon as he sobs,“It’s not fair!”
Parents and children alike will appreciate his mother’s gentle response, including reminding him why he avoids gluten and – more importantly – changing the focus to all of the delicious things that are still on the menu."

Linda Coss, author of “How to Manage Your Child’s Life-Threatening Food Allergies

"I think Ms. John's perspective of addressing the emotional side of being a gluten-free child can help facilitate a better understanding for many children dealing with the everyday aspects of being gluten-free. It's nice to see a children's book that can home in on an important topic in such a touchable way." - Article - Daily Forage-Gluten Free,
by Connie Veilleux,

"This is a great book for helping children understand and cope with having food allergies." - Kid's Books That Take On Tricky Topics, by Nicole Knepper, Mom's Who Drink and Swear, Blog for The Chicago Tribune

Kudos to Stasie John for creating a fun and whimsical book with a very important message! With or without food sensitivities, kids of all ages can benefit from learning how to see the bright side of a situation, just as Gideon does in The Gluten Glitch. A wonderful story for young readers wanting to learn more about gluten-free living!"
by Amy Recob, author and creator of "The Bugabees: Friends with Food Allergies"

"I am a firm believer in any book or lesson that gets people to open up their world a little more by allowing them to learn something new, but specifically, I think this book can make a difference in terms of understanding food and gluten allergies. In my opinion, this is a FABULOUS FIND!" - Article - "Day 8, Discovery of a Gluten Free Children's Book", by Christie at

"The Gluten Glitch is a lovely book, elegantly written for young children and beautifully  illustrated." 
Dr. Scot Lewey, Gastroenterologist, The Food Doc

Stasie John has highlighted important information on living with food allergy. The Gluten Glitch should help raise awareness of these increasingly common allergy problems."
William Culver, M.D., Adult and Pediatric Allergy and Asthma
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