The Gluten Glitch
By Stasie John
Illustrated by Kevin Cannon

Gideon Eats Gluten-Free Too!

This is a story about a special boy, who needs to eat gluten-free. But what about all the regular goodies and treats that his friends get to have?

Gideon faces his feelings about eating gluten-free in this endearing tale about what it's like to eat different!


Meet the Author:

Stasie John lives with her family in Colorado.  Being a mother of two boys with severe food allergies, she knows first hand the emotional toll it takes on a child to eat differently, especially as kids get older.  By publishing food allergy literature for children, she hopes kids will enjoy reading about food allergic characters that face the same challenges and feelings.  Her next book about peanut allergy is in the works and she hopes to raise money from the sale of each of her books for food allergy research and prevention.

Meet the Illustrator:

This story came alive because of the magical drawings and illustrations of Kevin Cannon.  Kevin lives in Minneapolis and is co-owner of Big Time Attic studio.  He has published several non-fiction comics and his latest children's book illustration project was Ben and Lucy Play Pond Hockey, by Andrew Sherburne.  You can find his work at and at .

Meet the publisher:

Beaver's Pond Press, located in Minnesota, is the first and only "mentoring press."  A mentoring press is a hybrid publishing model that closes the gap between self-publishing and royalty publishing. The firm has published hundreds of books that can be found in all major distribution channels.  Working with Beaver's Pond Press has been an awesome experience.  They supported the vision and goals for this unique children's book, and it would not be the book it is today without their help!

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